Get rid of your rodent problemA female mouse can have four or five litters per year, so their population increases very quickly. Getting rid of house and deer mice is essential with the first sighting. Aardvark Ant & Pest Control in El Cajon has professional mice exterminators that understand how they get into your home. We treat the immediate problem and make suggestions for the prevention of future infestations. In homes, mice are generally a bigger problem than rats, but you can identify a small rat from a mouse because its head and feet will be out of proportion to its body.

Rats are a bigger problem when they have no predators to control their numbers. They carry over thirty different diseases that are harmful to humans, and it’s estimated that they are the cause of 26 percent of the damage to electrical cables throughout the country. Norway and roof rats are the most common types in urban populations.

Rat Removal in the Rancho Bernardo and La Mesa Areas

Rodent control for both rats and mice is similar. Bait stations are one method of extermination and control. Prevention is a very important element of pest control. You will need to maintain sanitary conditions and keep shrubs away from your home and business. If there is any food source, it should be removed. Rodents are attracted to woodpiles and trash cans. Seal all the entry points around your structure. Let us provide an inspection to help you identify any problem areas and determine the best method of rodent removal.

Don’t Let Your Rodent Problem Get Worse in Carlsbad and Vista

Don’t be annoyed by rodents—contact Aardvark at 619-579-5020. We serve El Cajon, Rancho Bernardo, La Mesa, Carlsbad and Vista neighborhoods for gopher control, bed bug treatments and large animal trapping. Get rid of the pests on your property by calling us today.

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