Identifying & Removing Roaches in El Cajon

cockroachesLet Aardvark Ant & Pest Control Inc in El Cajon get rid of the cockroaches in your home or business. These pests carry disease, and they are difficult to get rid of once you’ve had an infestation.

Here in California, there are four native types of roaches that you may see:

  • The German species are light brown or tan in color, and although they have wings, they typically don’t fly. They are characterized by black stripes on the head.
  • The American type has a yellow band behind the head, and they are generally a reddish brown in color. They can grow up to three inches long.
  • The brown-banded version is probably the most invasive species, but it is also very small. Just under a half-inch, these pests are lighter in color with brown bands on the body.
  • The Oriental species tend to be very dark and shiny in appearance. They are typically smaller than one inch in length.  

Prevention Tips for Residents near the Rancho Bernardo and La Mesa Areas

The most effective cockroach control is professional extermination and treatment. Here are some tips for prevention.

  • Remove all food sources and improve the cleanliness and sanitation of the area
  • Sticky traps will help you identify where you are having problems with pests
  • Eliminate any moisture problems that attract pests
  • Reduce the clutter around your home or business
  • Seal up the cracks and crevices with caulking or weather stripping  
  • Don’t use paper or cardboard storage containers
  • Keep your trash area clean and use a lid
  • Don’t put your trash can under the sink
  • Don’t leave pet food out all night
  • Move woodpiles away from your home 

Call a Professional in Carlsbad and Vista

Contact our pest control company at 619-579-5020 for roach control and removal in El Cajon, Rancho Bernardo, La Mesa, Carlsbad and Vista. We can help you get rid of your pests.

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