We Control Bees in El Cajon

We remove bees and waspsAardvark Ant & Pest Control in El Cajon provides licensed bee removal and control. Bees are a protected insect because they pollinate local crops. However, a nest on your property can be intimidating and dangerous. Don’t try to take care of a beehive yourself.

There are four types of bees that are commonly seen in Southern California:

  • Honey – These flying insects are around one-half inch long. They live in a hive and are typically dormant in the winter.
  • Killer – These resemble the honeybee, but they are much more aggressive.
  • Bumble – Almost twice the size of a honeybee, these decline after summer. They are also very aggressive and don’t lose their stinger if they sting you.
  • Carpenter – This solitary breed is black in color and doesn’t sting, but they drill holes in wood.

Get Rid of Wasps in the Rancho Bernardo and La Mesa Areas

Although wasps are beneficial to the environment, they are predatory insects. Look for these types:

  • Yellow jacket – These resemble a honeybee, but will not have the pollen on their back legs. They are aggressive.
  • Bald face hornets – A hornet can grow up to two inches in size. Their nest can have 500 or more insects. They will sting repeatedly.
  • Mud daubers – Solitary insects that prey on spiders, they are identified by their mud home.
  • Paper wasps – You’ll find this type under eaves. There may only be 10-15 in the nest, but their sting is painful.

An exterminator is your safest bet for treatment and control. Ask your specialist about prevention to make sure they don’t come back. Getting rid of bees and wasps is a job that requires proper equipment and training to be performed safely, so call our professionals for assistance. For future prevention you can follow these simple tips to keep them away:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around the structure that lead to voids.
  • Remove old nests (bees will return if hive is not removed).
  • Keep foliage and shrubbery trimmed away from the structure.

Treatment Services for the Carlsbad and Vista Areas

For professional pest control, contact Aardvark at 619-579-5020. We serve El Cajon, Rancho Bernardo, La Mesa, Carlsbad and Vista. We provide ant control, bed bug treatment and mice extermination. Get rid of pests that damage your property today.

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