Our El Cajon Company Has a Nose for Skunk Control

Large animal to be removedSkunks are usually classified as a pest because of their odor and tendency to dig. If one has taken up residence under your porch, it should be removed to prevent them from spraying you or your pet. Skunk removal is best if performed by a professional who is licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Aardvark Ant & Pest Control can assist in getting rid of these nuisances.

Our Service Can Deal with Your Possum Problem

A possum is another pest that likes to move in under decks or into attics. They carry fleas and parasites, and their bites are dangerous to dogs. An opossum is a health hazard, especially when it leaves its droppings and urine in your home. If you need to get rid of opossums, we can help.

Get Rid of Raccoons in the Rancho Bernardo and La Mesa Areas

A raccoon will sometimes move into an attic. They can carry rabies and canine distemper, so they are hazardous to both humans and dogs. Trapping is the most effective method of removal, but you should contact a professional exterminator who knows how to deal with wildlife.

Controlling the large animal population around your home is similar in each case. Seal all the entry points around your home. Don’t leave out potential food sources like dog food or trash. Make sure there is no standing water that would attract pests and rodents. Never approach a wild animal, and bring your pets indoors if you see one. Contact Aardvark to get a quote on animal trapping and sealing all the entry points around your home.

Large Animal Removal near the Carlsbad and Vista Areas

We have a Trapping License from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. When possible, we attempt to introduce the animals back into the wild. Call Aardvark at 619-579-5020 to get rid of raccoons, skunks and possums in El Cajon, Rancho Bernardo, La Mesa, Carlsbad and Vista. We also provide other services such as bee removal for those who need them.

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